Our secure mobility solutions increase the productivity of our customers.


Anytime, Anywhere Access

Whether it’s for an intelligence analyst in the field or an employee with a smartphone, AETS’ mobile solutions deliver the exact information and tools that users need to do their jobs better and more securely. By providing secure, on-demand access from remote locations, AETS is improving agility, responsiveness and effectiveness.

We help our customers get the most from their investment in technology.

By modernizing IT infrastructure to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership, we help our customers get the most from their investment in technology. By implementing the latest technologies, such as cloud and mobility solutions, to deliver information anytime, anywhere to workers, warfighters and citizens. By extending the lifetime of systems without compromising safety, quality or capability. In short, we work with our customers to leverage their IT resources so that they can better handle ever-evolving mission requirements.

Mobile Solutions

Anytime, Anywhere Access is the new norm!! Mobile solutions (security & applications) are becoming an increasingly important tool for improving business outcomes. AETS developed mobile solution roadmap for Federal customers in leading industry canvas initiatives and recommending robust mobile architecture solutions. This is followed by successful implementation and deployment across the Nation and agencies’ International offices. Our mobile architects and developers understand today’s challenges and the growing demand and expectations from users to perform their activities anytime, anywhere. AETS main focus on mobile solutions are simple: Strategies. Solutions. Security.

Mobile Development

Building mobile applications can be an extremely involved process that involves rigorous up-front design, usability testing, QA testing on thousands of devices, a full beta life-cycle, and then deployment a number of different ways. AETS follows Agile software development and integration processes, including:

  • Requirements enumeration and examination of the requirement for building for iOS and Android applications
  • Introduction to Middleware and SaaS platforms
  • Experienced development teams working closely with stakeholders

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD paradigm has rapidly moved from novelty to near inevitability. Even IT organizations with deep concerns about manageability and security are increasingly accommodating user-owned devices.

BYOD is here to stay, and tomorrow’s BYOD will involve even greater diversity in devices, form factors and platforms. AETS’ expertise in mobility as a whole, where BYOD stands, where it’s headed, and your core challenges in implementing and managing it. The challenging obstacle facing organizations in which employees will have the ability to access corporate data on their personal smartphone or tablet presents security and liability concerns, requiring careful consideration for questions such as; what security measures should be put in place dependent on the employee? What should happen if a device is compromised? What devices and operating systems are allowed?

If the questions of BYOD are answered carefully, an organization will benefit from employee productivity and a strong reduction within organization costs. To implement a secure and user friendly BYOD infrastructure, the organization will rely on an intensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) product.

AETS engineers have extensive experience in constructing successful mobile strategies to include BYOD transformations within organizations. Our proven experience and past performances at several Federal agencies and Commercial clients, includes:

  • Strategic mobile assessment models and requirements gathering
  • Research and testing of various suitable BYOD infrastructures
  • Implementation of secure infrastructures:
    • Soft-security via Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications
    • Physical-security via our patented solution with Secure Access Technologies®
  • Customize integration into existing enterprise systems
  • Operations & maintenance support of BYOD infrastructures

AETS is an approved partner of AirWatch®, MaaS360 – both software as a service (SaaS) and on premise MDM products. Our engineers have extensive experiences with other MDMs, such as MobileIron, BES, and others.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

AETS fully understand client’s interest in potentially acquiring from vendors mobile telecommunications devices and services in support of their field operations. Our team has a strong appreciation for client’s culture, discipline, process rigor, and adherence to best practices and aspires to demonstrate our ability and commitment to assisting and realizing cost savings from quality, efficiency and on time delivery supported by innovation, transition technologies, and best practices.

Unlike others, AETS has past performances with Device-As-A-Service (DaaS) and been implementing DaaS with multiple clients. Our main client, SIAA, a health insurance organization with over 8000 Agents in the field have been enjoying our mobility support, including:

  • Mobile Device Acquisition: Mobile devices that meet usability, performance, and security requirements have been identified and acquired (this includes smartphones, tablets, and laptops).
  • Mobile Device Provisioning: Mobile devices have been securely provisioned, kitted, and configured prior to deployment to multiple geographically dispersed locations
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM): A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution has been established, which manages all mobile devices and applications, performs remote sanitization of devices as necessary, and adheres to all security requirements.
  • Logistics: All mobile device kits have been distributed to the proper SIAA personnel. Defective or damaged mobile devices are collected and replaced in a timely manner.
  • Cellular Network Coverage: Continuous reliable cellular network coverage is provided to all mobile devices with national coverage.
  • Quality Assurance: A Quality Assurance (QA) process has been followed to ensure that 100% of devices have been tested prior to kitting and regular Quality Control (QC) checks are conducted on all components of the logistics process.
  • Asset Management: The inventory of all accountable property is tracked and reported upon for the lifecycle of users’ employment starting from initial distribution, to replacement of defective, damaged, or missing devices, to final off-boarding.
  • Program Dashboard & Reporting: A role-based, near real-time view of device logistics, asset management, contract deliverables, and issues.
  • Decommissioning: All mobile devices have been collected, and securely sanitized

AETS has been recognized by GSA as a potential source of mobile device and application management solutions.

Through its recognized partnership with FiberLink, AETS has been able to unlock and deliver the great potential of the MaaS360 Mobile Device Management (MDM) and mobile application management Federal Government requirement. The AETS FiberLink partnership has unlocked the available FIPS 140-2 compliant solutions and has brought to the market a functional understanding of Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance.

AETS services are available under the IT Schedule 70 vehicle as a Reseller Partner of FiberLink. Our staff has extensive expertise with AirWatch and MaaS360 MDM solution, and utilized both solutions by our mobile analysts on multiple Federal projects, namely at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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